Making lesbians happy – one book at a time


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jamie bravo 2 copyThe first book in a brand-new series by the dynamic duo –

Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett!

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon!

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

Experience the Wild West as never before! A tale in which everyone has their woes, and none of the players are quite who they appear to be.

Calamity Jane has come to The Globe Saloon in Deadwood searching for Belle, the resident lady. Unfortunately for Calamity, Belle wants nothing to do with her. Three men—Charlie, Li’l Pete and Wild Bill Hickok— spend the afternoon vying for Belle’s affection and, much to Calamity’s dismay, one of them may succeed. This is the untold story of the romance between Calamity Jane and Belle, on Wild Bill’s last day alive.

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon!

Gigolo Girl


People are raving about Gigolo Girl:

“Sweet, innocent and downright hilarious!”

“Laugh out loud funny!”

“This story is wonderful, I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face! The jokes about lesbian stereotypes had me cracking up. I really Really enjoyed this book and know you will too!”

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon



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