Making lesbians happy – one book at a time


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Risky Love

Because Love Always finds a way

Risky Love ebook cover copy

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Hot off the Press!

Second Chances

a romantic comedy


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For Butter or Worse

The third book in the Jamie Bravo mystery series!


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Hungry Hearts

Love is the only thing that can satisfy a hungry heart.

HHebook cover copy

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Gettin’ Small with Layce and Saxon


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A perfect cure for the summertime blues!

Sarahs lover cover copy

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Laughter is the best medicine! Our newest romantic comedy is chock-full of prescription laughs guaranteed to make you feel good all over!

Rescue Me cover copy

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Cross Your Heart

the fourth and final book in the True Heart series

is now available!


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Straight from the Heart

is now an audiobook!


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Heart to Heart

Book one of the True Heart Series

is now on audio!


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The Wish List is now an audiobook!


WishList cover audio

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Tats Too is now an audiobook!

Old paper (primer)

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Coming Soon!


September 2017!




We are going to be at the Dallas book club Tuesday night! Everyone that comes gets a free book and as many cookies as they can eat!

Tuesday, Aug. 22nd
Dallas Resource Center
5750 Cedar Springs Rd.
7-9 p.m.

See y’all there!

Put your feet up and your headphones on!

Tats is now an audiobook!


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The Big Love audiobook!

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SFTH cover2

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Another Laugh Out Loud, romantic comedy


Your next great read is waiting for you!

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Memoirs cover



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The second book in the mystery/comedy series.

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Till Beth


Brand New!

GOL cover

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Lesbians. Zombies. Lesbian zombies!

zombies cover

“It’s not your brains they’re after!”

Book one of the Lesbian Zombies Trilogy

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Goldie Award Winner

Tats and

Tats Too!

Old paper (primer)Old paper (primer)

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Tats and Tats Too

APR cover2nd edition, lower price, and you can BORROW it!

Dana Dooley doesn’t believe in a perfect romance. So far, her love life has been nothing but one disappointment after another. Until she meets Ellen. And this time she thinks things will turn out differently. There’s only one small problem. She already has a girlfriend. And when that girlfriend turns up dead, Dana is worried that she will be the number one suspect.
Now the only thing standing between Dana and true love is… her girlfriend’s dead body. As her life spirals out of control, Dana’s perfect romance becomes wackier and wackier.

Fasten your seatbelt as Goldie Award winner Layce Gardner breaks all speed limits while taking you on the romantic journey of a lifetime.

Available to buy or borrow for FREE at Amazon!

We’ll be on The Liz McMullen Show

November 7th!

Liz Show

WARNING: watching the show may cause explosive guffawing, dizziness, uncontrollable laughter, snorting, shortness of breath, rashes, tingles, losing control of bladder and barking like a seal.

Available Now!

jamie bravo 2 copyThe first book in a brand-new series by the dynamic duo –

Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett!

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon!

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

Experience the Wild West as never before! A tale in which everyone has their woes, and none of the players are quite who they appear to be.

Calamity Jane has come to The Globe Saloon in Deadwood searching for Belle, the resident lady. Unfortunately for Calamity, Belle wants nothing to do with her. Three men—Charlie, Li’l Pete and Wild Bill Hickok— spend the afternoon vying for Belle’s affection and, much to Calamity’s dismay, one of them may succeed. This is the untold story of the romance between Calamity Jane and Belle, on Wild Bill’s last day alive.

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon!

Gigolo Girl


People are raving about Gigolo Girl:

“Sweet, innocent and downright hilarious!”

“Laugh out loud funny!”

“This story is wonderful, I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face! The jokes about lesbian stereotypes had me cracking up. I really Really enjoyed this book and know you will too!”

Available to buy or borrow at Amazon






Comments on: "Home" (7)

  1. Just finished “More than a kiss”. I loved it! I liked the slapstick scenes and humour. Also a fun romance!

  2. JR Grisham said:

    Just read your Kiss and Tell book. You ladies must have had a good time writing that one. Funny and enjoyable.

  3. Peggy Hedman said:

    I love your books. I appreciate you making them available on audio. Any chance you will record the rest of The Chase Banter, Family Affair books? I also listen to your podcast. Really enjoy it.

    • Chase audio won’t happen for a while. We only have one book planned for audio this year. And you haven’t read it yet! Look for Risky Love to come out end of summer! Thank you so much, Peggy! xoxo

    • Thank you, Peggy! I’m working on all the books turning into audio. Slowly, but surely! lol

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