Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

I’ve been spending too much money on books.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  I quit smoking, quit drinking, and the only vice I have left is reading a lot.  (I don’t count coffee consumption so don’t get me started on that!)  I bought a kindle which I frickin’ love and it saves me money on books because ebooks are a little cheaper.   But like Lays potato chips and cocaine in the late 80’s, there’s never too much of a good thing and reading is getting to be a damn expensive habit.   (yeah, yeah, there’s the library, which I love, but dangit, there’s no lesfic at my library!)  So, I sat down with my collection of Suze Orman books and the two of us devised a plan to not only save money, but to actually MAKE money by reading!  How, you ask?

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say I buy a book, and just for argument’s sake, I buy… oh, I dunno… say, Tats by Layce Gardner.  And, let’s say we buy it at… oh, I dunno… Okay, so that’s $15 out of your pocket.  Wait a minute, you say.  I thought I was gonna make money!  Well, as anybody knows and you’ve probably heard, you have to spend money to make money.  So, spend the fifteen bucks already and let’s move on.

The book is 288 pages long.  That’s only a nickel a page.  But let’s concentrate on the entertainment/time quotient.  It’ll take you about ten hours to read that many pages.  That’s about 28.8 pages per hour.  Or in monetary terms, that’s a buck fifty an hour you’re paying for high quality entertainment.  Not bad considering  you often spend fifteen bucks an hour or more to eat popcorn in the dark watching a movie with a hundred other people.  So a buck fifty is pretty good, no?

Yeah, well, what happens when you read the book a second time?  That’s right!  Now, you’re only paying seventy five cents an hour for your entertainment.  That’s a damn good deal.  But, you know what?  Try loaning that book to, I dunno… me… and I read it.  Oh, you see, don’t you?  You’re already down to 50 cents an hour!

Now the book has been read three times and the total cost of the book is down to only $5.00 from your initial investment of $15!

Wait!  There’s more!

What if I read it again?  What if I loan it to my girlfriend?  What if she reads it twice?   That’s right, you’re now down to a FREE BOOK!   When was the last time you got that many hours of entertainment for FREE?  (and that’s not counting all the interesting hours of conversation you can have with me and my girlfriend about the book.)

Now, I bet you’re getting way ahead of me here, aren’t you?  You’re so smart, You can see how to make money off this.  That’s right – Hand the book off to a straight man (they love to read lesfic) and make him pay you.  (he’ll pay way more than you think, so ask for more)  It won’t be long before you’re rolling in the dough!  Now your entertainment is free and you’re actually earning money!

Go treat yourself to a grande skinny latte with sugar-free vanilla.  You earned it!

* fine print:  Some of you may be worried about how the writer is going to make money if people keep loaning out their books instead of buying them.  Well, number one, you were going to loan it out anyway.  And, number two, writers are going to do the same thing as you and make money off their fellow writers so it all evens out.  But if you still feel it’s wrong, then shoot me an email and I’ll tell you where to mail my royalty check.

* fine fine print:  Suze Orman had nothing to do with this blog.


Heart’s Desire

A sweet & steamy short story


Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner

Heart's Desire Cover_edited-2

Available at Amazon and Smashwords for only .99 cents!

Comments on: "How to Make Money Reading Books" (6)

  1. Not to be all mathematical here, but if you start with a whole number and you just keep dividing it, it will never become zero, so technically the book is never free, although of course you can sell it to recoup your money, as you described.

    (Oh my god, I hate myself for what I just wrote. Forget about it. I blame my partner, who was a math major, for putting thoughts like these in the head of a nice, innocent English major like myself. You should feel free to blame my partner too.)

    These are all good points on making money from reading. I will sell my copy of Tats to a straight man as soon as I can bear to part with it.

  2. Dearest Layce, can you re-calculate for me using Euros, thanks your PAL Eileen in GERMANY.

  3. Honey I hate to tell you this, … but it didn’t take me ten hours to read it. Read it in one night. Like I told ya, “It was a good read. I really enjoyed it.” As for selling it, hmm, maybe when I’m dead and gone the kids can deal with it then.

  4. Sadly my brain went straight to it will never cost zero, wht can I say. I too believe I’m never going to make money off it, as the liklihood of ever selling it is nil. However it is worth ever cent in entertainment! And I’ll cover off my concern about the author by encouraging my friends to buy it!

  5. charlotte said:

    Well, I never was good with numbers and never will be! I guess I’m no techno-wiz either, but instead of listing all my shortcommings I’d rather tell people to buy the book -SINCE it’s not even expensive!!

  6. One thing about reading a book is that you never forget it. It stays with you throughout a lifetime. The book almost becomes a part of you. I can’t say the same thing for movies.

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