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Review of Tats

Here’s a review of Tats from Bob Lind at Arizona’s Echo Magazine:

5.0 out of 5 stars Madcap, entertaining “road trip” novel is a hoot!,August 4, 2011

Lee Hammond is a lesbian Oklahoma ex-con, with a passion for motorcycles, living for the moment, and women who know how to have fun. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make for a lasting relationship, which is why – after being thrown out by her latest girlfriend – she finds herself riding her ex’s Harley, munching on Girl Scout cookies, with no idea where she is going. She stops to rest, notices a funeral going on nearby, and recognizes one of the attendees, Vivian, as the cheerleader with whom she went to high school, and was likely most responsible for Lee’s realization that she was a lesbian. To her surprise, Vivian recognizes her as well, and leaves the funeral on the back of Lee’s Harley, as they embark on a madcap journey looking for fun and (Lee hopes) fulfillment of her high school fantasies. Their partying is financed by a huge sum of cash Vivian brings along, which – Lee doesn’t find out until later – is the reason why they are being followed by some thugs.

A classic “road trip” story with a lesbian biker twist, “Tats” is a very amusing and entertaining ride with realistic, fully developed and colorful characters, with some suspense and danger added to the mix. First time novelist Gardner shows considerable talent in the way the story is woven, like a gaudy tapestry … or perhaps a biker’s colors. Some erotic content, but adds to the enjoyment of the story. Five stars out of five.

– Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Comments on: "Review of Tats" (5)

  1. I won’t repeat, what I posted on Facebook. But is gave me great pleasure to read this, even if the Reviewer, seemed a bit nervous about talking of Lesbians. A well deserved Review.

  2. Cool! Five star reviews must feel great.

  3. Lynne Hand said:

    This is a great book, lets get serious, i’ve read alot of leabian fiction (alot), this is a great book, girls buy it, read it. A terrific addition to our genre and may be looked back upon with as much cred as “A Curious Wine” ..with distance. Lets hope She keeps adding to our library.

  4. Aw, Lynne, you just lifted my heart. Just when I was starting to feel sorry for myself you go and make me feel all good! Seriously, thank you. And, I am writingwritingwriting.

  5. Lynne Hand said:

    I speak no less than the truth Layce, even though i am very proud to be to called a leabian. Leabians Unite!
    Write on champ.

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