Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

Lee Hammond is going nowhere in her relationship and her life, and she’s ready to run away from both by getting on a motorcycle and speeding headlong into the unknown.  When she finds herself in the midst of a thunderstorm (which seems to reflect her inner turmoil), she crashes a funeral looking for shelter.  In a strange turn of events, she picks up a former acquaintance and high school cheerleader who’s into spiky shoes and strange adventures and the two are off on the journey of a lifetime.  However, Lee doesn’t bargain for two things:  falling for the hetero-woman, and running for her life from people who want to kill her companion, Vivian, in a guilt-by-association relationship.

Vivian is running from more than the men in black chasing her.  She’s running from a past that’s not everything it’s cracked up to be, and mostly from herself, first on the back of Lee’s Harley, then in various other modes of transportation used as getaway vehicles, whisking them from one near-death experience to another.
For her part, Lee struggles with her feelings for Vivian and marvels at the adventure they are on together.  However, she gets herself into more trouble than she’s bargained for by engaging in a one-night stand with a man she’s using to forget Vivian.
Tats is full of wit and one strange event after another.  There’s a Thelma and Louise quality to this story with more than one twist.  This one is full of heart-stopping turns of events that will have you screaming, “Don’t do it!” into the pages of this book.  When you’re not doing that, you’ll be laughing at the hi-jinks of these two crazy women or feeling an overwhelming sadness at the state of their lives.  The road to this story’s end is paved with a comedy of errors that leads to an unlikely conclusion.  One thing is certain: you will be entertained in a quirky, thrilling kind of way.

Reviewed by Anna Furtado

Don’t forget – Tats Too: The Case of the Devil’s Diamond is being released May 15, 2012!  Available now for pre-order at Amazon!

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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on Tats Too! Love ya!

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