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Many of you have seen my FB statuses the past couple of days concerning the notorious pirate, Yamlugue.  Yamlugue is a woman in Argentina who is uploading lesbian books to many file sharing websites and hundreds of people are downloading these book for free.  My book was uploaded by Yamlugue two days after it was published in ebook format and within one week had 320 illegal downloads.  That is equivalent to this woman sticking her hand in my publisher’s pocket and stealing three thousand dollars (at least).

Yamlugue has been approached by many of our  authors before but still insists on committing this criminal activity.  Legally, we don’t have much recourse because Argentina does not recognize U.S. copyright law.  That means we need to operate outside the realm of the law.  I’m not saying we need to do anything illegal or even anything morally wrong, but we do need to find a way to appeal to this woman and get her to ‘cease and desist.’

So far, Yamalugue has been approached by authors one at a time.  What I’m suggesting we do is approach her en masse.  If we can get 300, 500 or even 1,000 people to bombard her mailbox and her email with letters asking her to stop, we stand a much greater chance of succeeding.  Imagine going to your mailbox one day and dozens of letters are stuffed inside asking you to stop stealing… It’s worth a shot.

Below is a sample letter. Please email her.  Please write her a snail mail.  The letter will cost ninety-eight cents.  Please consider investing this dollar into the future of our publishers.  You can write your own letter if you wish.  Remember, no cussing and no threats.  The content of the letter doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the letter has been sent and will be in the company of hundreds of its sisters in her mailbox.

Please share this blog with every lesbian, lesbian organization, FB page, FB lesbian group, aw hell, paper this blog with her name and address everywhere you can.  Saxon Bennett and R.E. Bradshaw are also blogging about this very topic and sending out a call for help.  Visit their website to get their takes on the subject.

Here’s her particulars:


Yamila Luciana Guerrier

Cochabamba 948

Ciudad de Buenos Aires

1150 Argentina

Dear Ms. Guerrier,

It has come to my attention that  you are stealing many works of lesbian fiction, uploading them to file sharing sites and giving away free copies.  I am writing this letter asking you to cease and desist this criminal activity.  What you are doing is against United States copyright law and is morally reprehensible.


Your name

Comments on: "Making the Pirate Walk the Plank" (5)

  1. Hi Lacy,

    I think your idea is admirable, and I’d like to believe that a mass appeal will help. Before writing this woman, I’d like to know more about the situation. My question to you is, how do you know she’s done this? How would an author, like myself, come to find out if she’s pirating and distributing my work? And lastly, another or perhaps an ongoing appeal to readers asking them to order books directly from publishers, authors, and legitimate outlets might have an even greater affect—somehow I have more faith in an appeal to my readers than I have in a pirate.

    Thanks for the information.

    Cynn Chadwick
    Author of the Cat Rising Series, Angels & Manners, & As The Table Turns

  2. Ah, the huge downside of e-publishing. I’m not looking forward to experiencing this first hand with my work.

  3. e-mails and ordinary snail mail can easily be ignored, but does Argentina have the UK equilivant of “Registered Letters”? Where she would have to sign (and acknoweledge receipt of) each and every letter; this would also leave a “paper trail” of the objections.

    This would be more costly than an ordinary letter, but think of the hassle to her and the Argentinian Postal Service (they might take notice of the increased “traffic”… espically if you put on the front of the envelope “ENCLOSED IS A FORMAL OBJECTION TO YOUR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY”).

    Just some of my thoughts.

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