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Caring For Kara

I am proud to be helping my colleagues with an auction to benefit Kara Leonardo.  Many authors are donating autographed copies of their books.  Here are the details from the website CaringforKara:

Kara Leonardo has been a long time reader, fan and supporter of Lesbian Fiction.  She belongs to many Yahoo Groups, FaceBook and many individual author groups all in support of Lesbian Fiction.  Many of you are already familiar with Kara and have probably received “virtual hugs” from this kind and gracious lady.  She is very supportive of authors and always has an encouraging word for everyone.  Some of you may or may not have noticed Kara’s absence on the various groups she belongs to, so here is “the rest of the story”…

On February 11, 2012, Kara and her partner, Stephanie Marvel, were involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Stephanie was driving and their car was hit head-on by another driver.  Stephanie was killed on impact and Kara sustained a fractured arm, multiple fractures of her leg and pelvis along with internal injuries.  Kara was in and out of the ICU a few times before landing in a regular room and ultimately transferring to a rehabilitation facility at the end of March.  She is learning to walk again with the use of a walker and will soon be ready for discharge from rehab.  This is where her situation becomes even more difficult…  Kara relocated from Illinois to Delaware to be with Stephanie…  When she is discharged from rehab, she will have no place to go.  She has a community of friends in Delaware and would like to remain there, but her only alternative may be to return to Illinois and live with family there.

Here is where you can help…  This site has been set up as a fundraising site to benefit Kara Leonardo.  Many Lesbian Fiction authors have graciously donated books and other “amenities” that will be auctioned here on this site.  Please be assured that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Kara to assist her with getting settled wherever she may choose.  The auction will be open to receive bids through midnight (CDT) August 5, 2012

Please go have a look-see.  And even if you don’t want to purchase a book, donations can be made through paypal.


Comments on: "Caring For Kara" (4)

  1. Allison Mugnier said:

    Layce, thank you so much for yours & saxon’s book donations, and for the publicity for the auction! I am repeatedly amazed at how quickly the lesfic community pulls together and opens their hearts to those in need.

  2. Allison Mugnier said:

    *Saxon. Despite having been awake since 5am, I am not quite here.

  3. Oh Kara, so sorry for your loss, and emotional & physical trauma. I will help all I can. I was in a bad helicopter crash while in the Army. I’ve undergone 14+ surgeries, and learned to walk after each. Going from wheel chair, walker & cane each time. The docs said right after the crash that I’d not walk again. ! year later, I walked up to him, just so I could face him, eye to eye,, grab his tie, twist it into a choke hold with 1 hand to put him to his knees, & inform him of his idiocy, & to warn him not to tell patients they’d never walk again, as some poor patient might believe him, & just give up. Don’t ever give up, Kara. I know your heart & soul & body is broken. You will get through this. Sorry for the run-on sentences, but t had to get info to you in not much space. I’m a friend of Layce Gardener, & Saxon Bennet. Feel free to facebook me anytime. Friend me, and we can share more. I will send $$, or buy a book, but I will also be there to help you, & be an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or to support you when you need or want it. Blessed Be, sister. Find solace. Peace to you. Regina Barnett,

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