Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

What better way to celebrate true love than to read a book about it?

WildHeart cover

A Novella by Layce Gardner

A Lesbian Romantic Comedy

Welcome to the Wild West – where gunfighters die and legends are born.  A rip-roaring tale of gunslingers, saloons and the desires of women. This is not your mother’s Wild West!

Available at Bella Books

Midweek business at The Globe saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, is just the way owner/operator Charlie Engleman likes it: slow. When local cowpoke Pete comes to the bar, Charlie can serve him and still have plenty of time to read. The arrival of two well-known strangers—Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok—puts an end to Charlie’s cherished quiet. Calamity Jane has come to The Globe looking for Belle, the resident lady. Unfortunately for Calamity, Belle wants nothing to do with her. Charlie, Pete and Wild Bill spend the afternoon vying for Belle’s affection and, much to Calamity’s dismay, one of them may succeed. This is the story, as told by Charlie, of what really happened in Deadwood on Wild Bill Hickok’s last day alive.

Experience the Wild West as never before! A tale in which everyone has their woes, and none of the players are quite who they appear to be.

Comments on: "Valentine’s Day and Calamity Jane" (4)

  1. I’m getting it for my iPad right now ; )

  2. I’m quickly snatching these up, but not reading as fast as I’d like to! Time I have to worry about; what I never worry is that they won’t be wonderful reads. Layce, I can always count on a good story from you, whether it’s on the telephone or in print. A+ stuff, my friend. Happy Hearts Day to you.

  3. i’m sure it will be very entertaining

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