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Thank you to everybody who played.  I love giving away books and will do more giveaways in the future!

Yep, you heard right.  I want to give away my newest book “A Perfect Romance.”   All you have to do is enter this contest.  How do you enter?  I’m glad you asked.  Look at the cover of my book below.  Then come up with a tagline for the book.  You know what a tagline is, right?  Think of all the movie posters you’ve ever seen.  You know that catchy phrase that describes what the movie is about?  That’s the tag line.

Here’s some famous taglines.  See if you can guess which movie they are from.  (scroll below to see answers – but don’t cheat!)

1.  And remember, the next scream you hear may be your own.

2.  They’re young.  They’re in love.  And they kill people.

3.  The snobs against the slobs!

4.  We are not alone.

5.  This is the weekend they didn’t play golf.

6.  A man went looking for America and couldn’t find it.

7.  A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.

8.  Who ya gonna call?

9.  Size does matter.

10.  He’s having the day of his life… over and over again.

So pretend my book is a movie and this picture is a movie poster and write a tag line for it.

If you comment, your name will be entered into a drawing and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.  If you comment twice, you’ll be entered twice, etc.  Go for it.  Make my day.

A Perfect Romance cover


1.  The Birds

2.  Bonnie and Clyde

3.  Caddyshack

4.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind

5.  Deliverance

6.  Easy Rider

7.  Fargo

8.  Ghostbuster

9.  Godzilla

10.  Groundhog Day

Comments on: "FREE BOOK!" (107)

  1. Joanne C Solk said:

    How do I enter to win a free book?

  2. Donna Landers said:

    What they thought was perfect would all change like the full moon…..

  3. Terry Fountain said:

    Swinging on a moon beam of love.

  4. Two lovers, a swing, the full moon…what more can you hope fot?

  5. Terry Fountain said:

    …..does it truly exist?

  6. Mary Anne said:

    Do you wish on the stars or the moon for “A Perfect Romance”?

  7. Kimber Leigh said:

    How can a crazy love be perfect? It just is.

  8. Linda Cotter said:

    Perfect happens.

  9. We all want one………..

  10. It’s all fun and love before the zombies come

  11. …or so they thought

  12. …means never having to say I hate you

  13. …but not for you.

  14. …Swings on a swing or rests on a moonbeam

  15. And then the branch broke.

  16. Mary M. Perry said:

    NO we can’t do it in the swing. see that flower watching us. The kids put a camera in it.

  17. Mary M. Perry said:

    My heart glows in your love like the moon from above.

  18. Erin Saluta said:

    What happens in moon shadows stays in moon shadows

  19. Erin Saluta said:

    Perfect happens

  20. Erin Saluta said:

    The moon pulls the tides but is it strong enough to pull their hearts?

  21. Erin Saluta said:

    When was the last time you tried for perfect?

  22. Erin Saluta said:

    And you thought the full moon just brought crazy.

  23. Erin Saluta said:

    Love under the moon. Will it be different in daylight? Or is this the perfect romance?

  24. Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life…A Perfect Romance happens

  25. omg! These are all so good!

  26. Tracey. said:

    Sort of.

  27. L. Bwell said:

    What happens when the moon illuminates the swings of life? The Perfect Romance.

  28. The freaks come out at night

  29. Terry Fountain said:

    May the moon forever be our witness.

  30. Terry Fountain said:

    Let’s swing into the stars, by the light of the silvery moon.

  31. Terry Fountain said:

    A moon flower of love.

  32. Swinging on the Threshold of Forever

  33. Your laughing socks will be knocked off. Blow your gaskets with another Layce Gardner rom com

  34. Get your laughing socks knocked off and all your gaskets blown with another Layce Gardner rom com!

  35. As perfect as your imagination will stretch, dream big for this Layce Gardner winner, A Perfect Romance

  36. No room for cynics in this ideal world of love and romance. Prepare to be dazzled.

  37. I wished on the moon and found “A Perfect Romance”. (I keep hearing the song when I see your cover. I can’t help it. It starts ‘I wished on the moon for something I never knew…’)

  38. Leave your doubts at the door and enter a world of dead certs where happiness and love are alive and well

  39. Kimber Leigh said:

    In the dark of night it’s just the two of them…..a perfect romance.

  40. Terry Fountain said:

    They said it could never happen. The full moons power knew better. Now watch the swing into forever.

  41. Erin Saluta said:

    The heavenly touch of moon, love and a perfect romance.

  42. Erin Saluta said:

    How many secrets can the moon keep?

  43. Baren Nix said:

    Falling in love when that Perfect Night Happens

  44. Baren Nix said:

    Its a full moon for love and romance

  45. Baren Nix said:

    It takes two for A Perfect Romance

  46. Baren Nix said:

    Strange things happen under a full moon.

  47. Baren Nix said:

    When I wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.

  48. Baren Nix said:

    Wishing upon a star makes dreams come true.

  49. When stars aligned…she found her here.

  50. Love begins at the edge of the garden.

  51. A beautiful night with her.

  52. Melted Chocolate required.

  53. Dear Ex. Eat your heart out.

  54. Stars, moonlight, and a tree swing…were just the beginning.

  55. Taking a swing for The Perfect Romance.

  56. Chikyra Potter said:

    Finding love by the light of a full moon.

  57. Beth Goodman said:

    Every girl deserves one.

  58. Beth Goodman said:

    …for imperfect people.

  59. Beth Goodman said:

    When the stars align, all things are possible.

  60. Beth Goodman said:

    Perfect is possible!

  61. Beth Goodman said:

    Just add water.

  62. Beth Goodman said:

    It just takes two…

  63. Beth Goodman said:

    True love is flawless.

  64. Beth Goodman said:

    Can it withstand the light of day?

  65. Beth Goodman said:

    It can be yours for just a small fee!

  66. Beth Goodman said:

    It’s all fun and games, until her heart gets involved.

  67. Linda Cotter said:

    Nothing’s perfect.

    …….or is it?

  68. Katina Blackwell said:

    She wished for the moon and the stars…I wished for her heart. A perfect romance was granted.

  69. Stars,moon beams and lovers, A Perfect Romance

  70. Donna Landers said:

    Was it just an illusion or did they have it…..

  71. Donna Landers said:

    She searched all her life to find it…..

  72. Donna Landers said:

    Under the full moon all love seems perfect….

  73. Katina Blackwell said:

    The moon…the stars…two hearts…what could be more perfect?

  74. Katina Blackwell said:

    Once in a blue moon, the fates create the setting for a perfect romance.

  75. Katina Blackwell said:

    In an imperfect world, one night under the moon and stars brought two hearts together for a perfect romance.

  76. P. Crawford said:

    It just takes a little chemistry.

  77. Donna Landers said:

    Could one branch hold the weight of such A Perfect Romance….

  78. Erin Saluta said:

    One moon. One night. One perfect romance.

  79. Erin Saluta said:

    Who says you need wine and dinner for a perfect romance?

  80. Terry Fountain said:

    Swing with me…into our tomorrow.

  81. Terry Fountain said:

    Even the stars couldn’t foretell their love.

  82. Terry Fountain said:

    A night of forever…

  83. Terry Fountain said:

    The dream can come true.

  84. Erin Saluta said:

    This one is inspired by Linda Bale….What happens in the garden really shouldn’t be viewed by the neighbors- that’s just wrong.

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