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My Mother Is a Plarn Star

If you’ve kept up with my Facebook posts, you already know that I have picked up my old hobby of crocheting.  Crocheting always seemed to me like something mothers and old ladies did.  But, let’s face it, I am both am both a mother and an old lady so I might as well also be a crocheter, too.

Here are a few of things I have crocheted in the past month:


Recently, I have combined two of my interests – upcycling and crocheting.   I make plastic yarn, “Plarn”, out of used Walmart bags.  I then use the plarn to crochet bags, scrubbies, hats and other fun things.  (In case you didn’t know, upcycling is when you take something old, something used, something you would normally recycle and give it a new life by doing something different with it.)

My daughter Emma has helped me make plarn.  She went to school last week and gave one of the teachers two plarn scrubbies I had made.  Emma told several of her friends that I made plarn now.  The thing is, between her braces and those little rubberbands she has to wear on them, she has quite a lisp.  Her friends thought she said, “My mother makes porn.”

That explains why all the kids stare at me when I pick Emma up from school.

I have had quite a few people private message me and ask how to make plarn.   So, I thought I would use my blog to detail the plarn-making steps, complete with pictures, and that way my daughter can brag, “My mother is a plarn star.”

STEP ONE:  Get a whole boatload of used Walmart bags.  Any plastic shopping bags will do.

I just said Walmart because I am hoping they will send me a check for product placement.

If you don’t have any bags sitting around your house because you are a good person and you already recycled them all, then go to Walmart, walk non-chalantly up to the front doors, throw the lid off that recycling tub, grabs armfuls of the bags and run like hell.  (they usually only have senior citizens manning the front doors, so you can probably outrun them.)

Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of me stealing the bags because Emma was laughing too hard and forgot to take the photo.

STEP TWO:  Smooth the bag out.  Fold it in half, lengthwise.  Fold it one more time.


STEP THREE:  Cut off the ends.


STEP FOUR:  Cut it in one inch strips.


STEP FIVE:  Unfold the strips and loop them together into a long string.   (Overlap the ends of two loops.  Pull the right loop end up and around the left loop.  Now pull the end of the right loop through the middle.  It’s easier than it sounds.  Experiment until you have the two loops joined by a knot.)


STEP SIX:  Wrap it into a ball.


VOILA!  You, too, can be a plarn star!  Right in the privacy of your own home!

005plarn bag

scrubbiePlarn scrubbie

And this is a book I crocheted

WildHeart cover

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  1. Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh. You and Emma are a great pair. Also a very clever way of advertising. I’ve just added “Wild at Heart” to my must read list. Again, thank you.

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