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Once Upon a Time Travel

I was asked the other day why I chose to write a Young Adult book. I take it they meant why didn’t you write a lesfic book instead? Well, the truth is that I did write a lesfic book. It will be out next month. In the past year in the lesfic genre I wrote two novels, a novella and four short stories. So, writing YA is not stopping my lesfic outflow. Also, if you knew me, you’d see know how natural YA is. You see, I have a thirteen year-old daughter, Emma. I am writing for her.

Emma came home from school one day and showed me the book she was reading. It was one of the Harry Potters. I asked her if she liked the book. She replied, “Sorta. But why are the good books always about boys?”

Well, that got me to thinking… Why are there so many books with male lead characters? Why are all the stories featuring female protagonists romances? (Okay, not all of them, but enough of them to give me pause.)

I asked Emma, “If you had a book to read with a girl as the lead character, what would you want her to be like?”

She replied, “Brave. Strong. I want her to have big adventures. I want her to sometimes be scared of stuff, but overcome it. And I’d like her to be invisible.”

So that’s what I wrote. (Except for the invisible part. Sorry, Em, maybe next time!)

My goal with writing Young Adult is to give young girls (or boys!) a lead character they can relate to. I want to give them a role model that doesn’t base their entire self-worth on a boy. I want them to read about Rebel, my lead character, and go on adventures with her and learn what she learns and overcome stuff even when they’re scared.

That’s why I’m proud of my newest book, “Once Upon a Time Travel.”  I use the pen name Dinah Katt when writing Young Adult.  FYI:  I chose the name Dinah Katt because Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book.  And Dinah is the name of Alice’s cat.


Twelve-year-old Rebel has a nose for trouble. During in-school detention, Rebel stumbles upon a wormhole and travels back in time to the 1930s Dust Bowl of Oklahoma. She meets Dixie O’Dell, an orphaned girl with Artful Dodger tendencies. While on the run from the law, Rebel and Dixie are taken in by a traveling freak show. The illustrated woman, a dwarf, spider girl, the world’s fattest woman, and the half-man, half-woman teach Rebel the true meaning of family.

Available for purchase at Amazon.  (buy the paperback and get the ebook for only 99 cents!)   Ebook also available at Smashwords.

Comments on: "Once Upon a Time Travel" (15)

  1. As soon as I have my nieces mailing address, I will be purchasing THIS YA book for her. She is 12, and over the holidays, I told her I would send her a book every month or so…. I’m excited about this one!! Thank YOU! And Emma, too! =) Waiting to hear from SIL with address now!

  2. I think you landed on an important distinction with your parenthetical statement, “(or boys!),” above. It would be great if we could get our kids to stop seeing each other–and books and toys and movies, etc.–as gendered, to stop worrying so much about whether the protagonist of a book is a boy or a girl and how that’s different from them. Instead, to see each other’s similarities… THAT’s how we learn and grow and become a more empathetic and sympathetic society. Good for you for seeing that need and doing your part to bring about this shift in thinking! I’ll be getting this book for my son, Jack, who loves to read (and is, coincidentally, currently devouring the first book in the Harry Potter series).

    • You are so right, Brea. I don’t know how kids have gotten so hung up on genderization… were we like that? I hope Jack likes it! He’s a real crackerjack – just like Rebel! xxx

  3. marti forkner-vernon said:

    Cannot wait to buy the hard copy for my 12yr old grandaughter. She is such a warrior young woman. This is the type of book she will devour. In fact, I will buy two at Barnes and Noble so her friend will have one too.

    • Marti, it’ll be a few weeks until the print version is ready. and then it will only be available to order from Amazon. BN will only have the ebook version. I’ll send you an email when it’s ready for order!

  4. Layce, congrats on your new novel. Can’t wait to buy. I’m sure there will be humor involved.

  5. Medora MacD said:

    Layce, you could also check out Lightning Source . Depending on how you want to distribute, it could be slightly cheaper. [I just plugged in the numbers for a recent project at both sites — cost per book, “member orders,” was $2.38 at createspace and $2.18 at Lightning. We distribute this book ourselves so I don’t know how things might come out in that wash.] In any case, congratulations on the new book and thanks from someone who has her eye for just this kind of stuff to give to her granddaughters.

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