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French Benefits

My daughter Emma and I always have the best discussions as I drive her to school. Today she started the conversation by saying:

Emma: I wish I could wear my Halloween costume the entire month of October. Every day.

 (Here’s a photo of Emma relaxing after school.  Playing a video game in her Halloween costume. 

BTW, this photo was taken in April)


Layce: Well, if you grow up to be self-employed like me you can wear your costume every day.

Emma: Yeah, I guess being a writer has its French benefits.

Layce: You mean fringe benefits.

Emma: That’s what I said.

Layce: No, you said French benefits.

Emma: No, I didn’t. I said French benefits.

Layce: Hunh. You said it again. You said French benefits.

Emma: You just can’t understand me because I’m a racist girl.

Layce: Since when are you racist?

Emma: I’m not racist!

Layce: You said, and I quote, “I’m a racist girl.”

Emma: I did not. I said I’m a racist girl.

Layce: That’s what I said you said.

Emma: Mother… listen close. (over-enunciating) I. Am. A. Racist. Girl.

Layce: I give up.

Emma looks at me. She smiles a like chimpanzee who is getting ready to attack. She points at her braces and says:

Emma: I wear braces. I am a braces girl.

Layce: Oh. Braces. Not racist. You are a braces girl. Got it.

Emma: You’re so weird.

Layce: That’s just one of the French benefits of being a writer.

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Comments on: "French Benefits" (2)

  1. Sheri Campbell said:

    Morning ladies, so nice to hear more of L & EM stories. Just makes me smile. My kids are all grown and so serious. Costume is pretty and colorful but surly too much work to put on and take off. Em one of a kind..more power to her and her Moms.

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