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After the dumping incident at the Grand Canyon, Grandma Bean drove us all the way to Los Angeles without stopping. When we got home, I jumped out of the car and ran to the house with Lulu in my arms. I couldn’t wait to show Lulu to her other mom, Tini.

Tini was so excited, she made a pitcher of martinis to celebrate even though it was only ten o’clock in the morning.

hold lulu 1

Three hours later Tini was still excited to have a new baby.

hold lulu 2

The addition of Lulu made us seem like a real family.

Hold lulu 3

Tini was overjoyed the first time she got to hold Lulu. Lulu must have been very excited, too, because she did a fantastic impersonation of Old Faithful.  I didn’t know a baby could spew formula that high. Tini almost spilled her martini.


lulu vomitsS

This was our first adventure in lezbean parenting. I couldn’t wait to see what lay ahead!

Written and illustrated by Layce Gardner. Stay tuned for the next installment of The LezBeans, Episode 4, “Happy Halloween.”

Making the world a happier place, one book at a time!

Five short stories together for the first time ever!

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Family washing

Comments on: "The LezBeans, Episode 3, “Old Faithful”" (3)

  1. Sara Marx said:

    This is the only series to which I’m sincerely faithful. I tried to watch Madam Secretary, but screwed up my DVR…

  2. Sheri Campbell said:

    Laughing. Nuf…said. hahahahahahah

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