Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

I loved Halloween. I loved dressing up. I loved getting treats.  I couldn’t wait to share my love of Halloween with my baby Lulu.

I dressed up as Elvis.


I dressed Lulu up as a black cat.

black cat

But she kept sucking on her tail. So I changed her into a Snow White costume.

snow white

But her wig kept falling off.  So I changed her costume again.

harry potter_edited-1

She really liked this costume.  Now that we were ready to go trick or treating, we had to wait for Tini to make her appearance. She made her own costume out of plastic, duct tape and chicken wire.


There was only one thing wrong with it.


She couldn’t fit through the door.

Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned for the next installment of The LezBeans, Episode 5, “Housebroken.”

Written and illustrated by Layce Gardner

Making the world a better place, one book at at time!

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Comments on: "The LezBeans, Episode 4, “Happy Halloween!”" (1)

  1. Ha! Very cute! Happy Halloween!

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