Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

The main difference between adult human beans and baby human beans is that adult beans sleep at night.

Baby beans do not sleep at night.

Lulu wah!

Baby beans are also louder. 

Much, much louder.

I couldn’t sleep because Lulu screamed all night.

dark waa!

Tini, however, slept like a Girlfriend in a Coma. (FYI: That’s an obscure 80’s music reference)

I don’t know if Tini slept so well because of the pitcher of martinis she ingested at bedtime or because of the sleeping mask and ear muffs.

sleepy tini

I tried everything to get Lulu to go to sleep.

I walked Lulu.


I rocked Lulu.


I even gave her a bottle. 


Then I remembered that music tamed the savage beast.  So I put on a classical cassette tape.

boom box

The music worked!


I fell asleep.

Stay tuned for the next installment of The LezBeans, Episode 7.  Written and illustrated by  Layce Gardner.

Making the world a happier place, one book at a time!

CLT new cover

Buy it, borrow it, laugh your ass off!

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