Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

Have you ever seen that pictograph that details Darwin’s evolution of man?


I drew my own version of the evolution of the human bean. I called it:

Shuffling out of the primordial soup to Shuffling off to Buffalo.


I think Darwin was definitely on to something because Lulu evolved the same way. Except she had Stanley’s help.

She first transported herself by grabbing Stanley’s tail and being dragged everywhere.


Then she evolved to hitching a ride bareback.


Lulu’s favorite mode of transportation was when I put her in the car seat and drove her places.  I had to buy Stanley his own car seat, too.

car seats

Then Stanley taught Lulu how to crawl.


And, finally, she taught Stanley how to walk. Sort of.


Stay tuned for the next installment of The LezBeans, Episode 11

Written and illustrated by Layce Gardner

Coming in February of 2015!

kiss tell cover

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