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After mastering walking, Lulu began to talk. She would choose a word at random and say it out loud approximately 1,247,893 times. She loved the reaction she would get from people when she said the word. (Especially if it was a word I didn’t want her to say.)


After a few months, Lulu graduated to full sentences. She found one particular sentence that elicited a shocked response from people and she said it everywhere.

And I do mean EVERYWHERE.

She said it at the grocery store.

grocery cart

She said it at the gas station.


She said it at the restaurant.


She even said it during story time at the library.


I’ve already decided how I’m going to get even with her, though. I have a picture of her that I’m saving until her wedding day. Then I’m going to show it to everybody.


Stay tuned for the next installment of The LezBeans, Episode 12

written and illustrated by Layce Gardner.

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Comments on: "The LezBeans, Episode 11, “My Mom Is A Lezbean”" (3)

  1. Hahahaha. Excellent!

  2. Sheri Campbell said:

    I sure needed and loved this one too. Thanks for lifting me up. I remember this experience with my oldest. Laughed so hard.

  3. Hahaha! This is great, as usual. Kids not only say the dardnest things they say them at the right times.

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