Making lesbians happy – one book at a time

One of my worst fears about being a LezBean parent was how my child would handle the pressure from society. Because, let’s face it, not everybody is nice about a child having two moms or two dads. And, sure enough, the day came when her best friend asked:

2 moms

I held my breath until I heard Lulu answer:


I shouldn’t have worried. I think Lulu will be okay.

Making the world a happier place—one book at a time!

“Yet another classy novel from the funny power duo. Well written story and characters that keep you glued to the book.” ~Minzi

kiss tell cover

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Comments on: "The LezBeans, Episode 14, “Two Moms”" (8)

  1. That is the best and truest answer to that question!!! Good for Lulu and good for both of her moms!!

  2. Sheri Campbell said:

    I think you and Saxon are lucky too…Emma is the luckiest.!!!!!!! (I mean Lulu)

  3. Are you eventually going to make a book out of this. This is very cute!

  4. Pretty sure you two are the coolest moms ever, besides my own mom of course. Lulu is truly blessed.

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