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It’s weird people that keep things interesting. Case in point: I used to own an Ebay store. I sold antique postcards. (Postcard collecting is the third largest collecting hobby in the world right behind stamps and coins.) When you do something like run an online business (or write books!) you get some really strange people coming out of the woodwork and contacting you.

One such person was Sarah. Sarah lived in London. One day she sent me an email. It said something like this: “I work in an office. I sit across from a chap I hate. His name is Roger and he has a giant stuffed spider sitting on top of his computer monitor. The spider stares at me all day. I hate the spider. So I kidnapped the spider. Now Roger thinks I did it and won’t bloody shut up about it. I would like to pay you to send Roger a postcard from the Spider so he will think the spider is on holiday. Will you help me?”

I wrote back that it sounded like great fun. Sarah visited my Ebay store and picked out a postcard from Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. I wrote on the back of the card, “Dear Roger, Hopped across the pond to visit family. Wish you were here! Love, Spidey.”


Two weeks went by before Sarah emailed me again. She wrote, “Good job, I loved it! However, Roger doesn’t quite believe it’s from Spidey. Can you send another postcard? Make this one from Florida.”

I sent Roger a postcard from Disney World. I wrote on the back, “Roger, I think you would like it here. It’s the happiest place on earth! Love, Spidey. P.S. that’s me sitting on Mickey’s shoulder.”


Sarah emailed, “Roger still doesn’t believe it. He says he can’t see Spidey on Mickey’s shoulder. Can you send another postcard? From Hollywood?”

I sent a postcard of the Hollywood sign. I wrote on back, “Roger, this town is great! Sunshine, movie stars, swimming pools! Guess what? They’re making a movie about me. They’re getting some bloke in a leotard to play me. I’ll be home soon. Love, Spidey.”


Three weeks passed before Sarah wrote back. “It’s been great fun. But I gave Spidey back to Roger. He’s happy now. Thank you!”

My pleasure, Sarah.

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Comments on: "Spiderman" (3)

  1. Sheri Campbell said:

    Very clever idea. Hummm I want to do this to someone…….hope she doesn’t read this post today.
    Thanks Layce

  2. That was funny but a shame that it didn’t go on longer. Imagine the places that Spidey could have seen!

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