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The Tiger

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, strong tiger.



One day a Hunter jumped out from behind a tree and captured her.



He threw the tiger in a cage. Every day the Hunter would come visit the Tiger.

The Tiger said to the Hunter on the first day, “I am very beautiful. Is that why you captured me?”

“No,” the Hunter said. “You are ugly.”

The second day the Tiger said to the Hunter, “I am very strong. Is that why you captured me?”

“No,” the Hunter said, “You are weak.”

Every day after that the Hunter would visit the tiger in the cage and say, “You are ugly. You are weak.”


Years went by and the Tiger began to believe the words of the Hunter. She never tried to escape the cage. She sat sadly in the corner and cried her life away.

One day a Lion walked by the cage. He looked at the Tiger. “Why don’t you try to escape?” he asked.

“I can’t. I’m too weak,” the Tiger replied.

“Oh, no,” said the Lion. “I think you look very strong.”

“I do?”

“Yes. Why don’t you try to escape and see?” said the Lion.

The Tiger rose, summoned all her strength, threw herself against the bars of the cage and lo and behold! The cage burst open! The Tiger and the Lion ran away, through the forest, and over the mountain. They stopped at a stream to drink. The Tiger looked into the water at her own reflection and said, “Oh! Look how beautiful I am!”




I don’t know who wrote this story or where it originated, but feel free to share it!

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Comments on: "The Tiger" (3)

  1. Traci Clark said:

    OOOOO!! Love this! Rev. Douglas told this story as the childrens moment not too long ago.

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you so.much for sharing!

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