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Hairballs and Feathers

I read a blog yesterday that gave me nightmares. I forget where I read it, but let me give you the short version: a woman went to her gyno and found a cat’s hairball up in her vajayjay.

I know, right?

This brings up so many questions. And all the answers are upsetting.

But it made me realize that things, foreign object type things, can really get inside you and stay inside you.

Not so long ago, my mother went in for lung surgery. They had found a tumor like substance in one lung. So she had her back sliced open and a portion of her lung removed.

After the surgery the doctor told my dad and I that Mom had feathers in her lungs. That’s right. The doctor said she pulled a ball of feathers out of my mother’s lung.

Sidenote: the doctor is a woman who told us that she earned her way through medical school by coon hunting and selling the hides.

But feathers? I was amazed. Maybe she got it from growing up on a farm around chickens? Mom says she got it from sculpting dolls and sewing their little clothes which had feathers. Neither possibility completely answers all my questions.

I also saw a video the other day that showed a feather being pulled out of a baby’s cheek. I can’t bleach that image out of my brain.

Hairballs, feathers and more feathers. How is it even possible that animals are now becoming a part of us?

All I can say is that the next time I see a cat, I’m crossing my legs.

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  1. Okay that is simply horrifying….

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