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Let’s Get Physical

Yesterday I found a ten dollar bill in a jacket pocket. For a moment, I looked at the rectangular piece of green paper and thought, “What is this?” That’s when I realized that I rarely use real, physical money anymore. I use a debit card or a credit card for most purchases.

And that got me to thinking. . .

Most of my life revolves around the virtual, not the physical.

I am a novelist (along with my co-author and wife, Saxon Bennett.) I write on my computer three to four hours every morning. I save my day’s work on a flashdrive. When the novel is finished, I email it to my editor and proofreader. They email back to me when they’re done marking corrections. I format the novel and upload it to Amazon, our selling platform. I never once actually hold a physical book or piece of paper in my hands during the entire process of writing a novel.

Next, Amazon sells our books and the customer pays for it simply by clicking a button on their computer. The book is delivered within minutes (if not seconds) to their digital e-reader or computer.  No paper used there either.

The first of every month Amazon digitally transfers my paycheck into my bank account.


I don’t see any real, physical money. I am paid in virtual money. Amazon simply sends numbers to my bank who adds the numbers to my account.

Then, I pay my mortgage and other assorted bills—which I receive electronically— by transferring numbers via computer from my bank account to the account number of the payee.

I work, get paid, and pay all my bills without ever once touching paper!

That’s why when I held the ten dollar bill in my hand there was one long second when I didn’t know what it was.

It’s enough to blow my mind.


P.S. If you’re the old-school type of person, we do sell our books in the print version. You may want to buy them before they’re obsolete!


Coming June 1st!

The second book in the mystery/comedy series

Till Beth

Comments on: "Let’s Get Physical" (1)

  1. We do live in amazing times. The trees are happy that so many bits and bytes are taking over their job of providing paper, but I’m like you. Having real, paper currency in my hand seems so risky. So easy to lose. Is it wrong to say ‘there is no paper trail’ in this situation? 😉

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