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Everything Old Is New Again

Saxon and I went vinyl record shopping yesterday. (I think the last time I bought a vinyl record was 1989!)  I had bought Saxon a record player a couple of weeks ago as an early birthday present so we’re getting into vinyl again. It also plays CDs and cassettes. Real cassettes! Remember those? Remember how you had to rewind them with a pencil?


It made me realize how much technology I’ve lived through. For a long time, I thought technology could never get more advanced than the long cord on your landline phone that allowed you to walk around the kitchen while you talked. The only problem was that the cord kept getting tangled and you’d have to let it unwind by holding it while it spun round and round.


Then along came the cordless phone! The only problem was that I kept losing it.

The invention I am most excited by now, of course, is the Kindle. Gawd, how I love my Kindle! It goes with me everywhere. I read once that the invention of the cheap paperback book was what brought reading to the masses. It made reading affordable.  Now the Kindle is doing the same thing. Print books cost anywhere from $15 to $40. But on the Kindle? Way cheaper. Now even more people can afford to read again. Especially since the advent of Kindle Unlimited. Because of KU I have a subscription library right on my Kindle. For ten bucks a month I can read as much as I can possibly read. It’s like a smorgasbord where you get to eat all you can eat.


All my books are on Kindle Unlimited. Some readers worry that authors don’t get paid with KU. That’s a falsehood. I get paid or I wouldn’t do it.

Another way Kindle has saved me money: I don’t have a smartphone anymore. I have my Kindle Fire—it does everything a smart phone does. So I save tons by not buying the phone and the data plan.

So, there’s that.

Now after vinyl record shopping, I can sit in my easy chair, listen to music, and read to my heart’s content.

Oh… I almost forgot to tell you what vinyl album we bought. We got Prince and the Revolution’s Parade.


BL cover copy

Available at Amazon in ebook and print.

FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Here’s what people are saying:

“A gut-busting, gas-passing, laugh out loud story!”

“One of the sweetest Rom-Coms I’ve come across!”

“All the characters are so loveable and funny!”

Comments on: "Everything Old Is New Again" (6)

  1. Huh. I’ve shied away from kindle unlimited because I worried it was hurting all my girls! I love reading on phone because it’s lightweight and sneaky!


  2. I love mine #ClubKindleRocks I am learning Spanish on Duolingo app on my work breaks. Freak’n Bueno

  3. I still can’t get on bored with the Kindle to think I was born in the 80s been using technology as in computers since the 90s and still prefer hatdbook covers over a screen. Color me weird but wow what flashbacks with the things you mentioned!

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