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Excellent Adventure

Saxon and I went on an excellent adventure. That’s my name for driving and not knowing where you’re going to end up. When I was a teenager I would go on excellent adventures by driving my car as far as I could until I ran out of gas and then seeing what happened next. What usually happened next was I walked to a house, borrowed a phone, and called a friend to bring gas. My excellent adventures are a bit more grown up now. This time Saxon and I ended up back in my little home town at the place I worked when I was fourteen-years-old.

The Ku Ku.


It’s a fast food restaurant shaped like a Cuckoo clock. It even has a birdie that pops in and out making the noise. Well, the birdie stopped popping out back in 1967. But it is still poking out of the top of the clock, frozen in time.


Waitressing at The Ku Ku was the second job I’d ever had in my life. I wore a brown checked uniform, complete with name tag, and paper hat. I served up hamburgers and French fries while Billy Joel sang on the radio about catholic girls. My friends were delighted with my new job. They would come by and ask me for free French fries.

I am ashamed to say I gave them free fries. A lot of free fries.

In my defense, I was only fourteen. I didn’t know how to say no to peer pressure.

The owner knew how to say it, though. He fired me.

My job at The Ku Ku lasted only two months.

So, this is where Saxon and I ended up on our big adventure. The place looked exactly the same on the outside. The inside had changed quite a bit. New brick façade. There was an added-on room. The kind that looked like a bay window but bigger.

The hamburgers and fries were still fantastic. And… I kid you not… Billy Joel was singing on the radio.

But you wanna know the most amazing part? The owner was still back behind the grill flipping burgers. The exact man! After thirty-five years! He looked remarkably the same. Same eyes, same frown, bigger belly.

I couldn’t help myself. I waited till he came out from behind the grill and I went up to the counter. “Hey,” I said. “Remember me?”

“I sure do,” he said, grinning. He pulled out a tray and plopped a large order of fries on it. He shoved it in my direction and said, “For you. Free fries.”

I guess that was his way of saying he forgave me.

This is why I like our excellent adventures. You just never know what’s gonna happen.


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Comments on: "Excellent Adventure" (4)

  1. Layce & Saxon,

    Synchronicity!!! On several fronts.

    First, my sister-in-law believes she is THE “Virginia” in “Catholic Girls”. She met Billy at the Jersey shore back when he was just starting out, and just before she went into the convent (seriously!) They spent an evening into night together and she apparently teased and frustrated the crap out of him!😈

    Second, I was just reading Bridget Essex’s new book, “Beauty and the Wolf” and her lead character, Bella, is a waitress at a diner and just got fired for giving a friend free food!

    Third, my wife and I stopped at a dusty diner on the Delmarva peninsula last summer that looks exactly like your photo, but minus the cuckoo clock. Whatever we ordered did NOT come with 🍟 but a nice waitress, who was flirting with my lovely wife, gave them to us anyway!

    Finally, thank you both for all of your wonderful books and emails….you bring joy into so many lives!💚😎



    • I bet your sister is right! I think there are a chain of KuKu’s? I might be wrong, but I think maybe there are? And maybe B. Essex and I are communing on the same frequency channel. Could be… And thank you for your kind words!

  2. Love your story and Mike’s too. Sometime’s it’s fun to go home again. As my first real job, I worked in a little restaurant from age 14 to 16 until the interior was destroyed by a fire caused by the owners of a business two doors down. The exterior was all brick. The owner of the restaurant took his insurance money and moved himself and his wife from Pennsylvania to Connecticut. A buyer renovated the parts of the building that were destroyed and put a new little restaurant in the same spot a couple of years later.

    On a visit home for the Army, we ate there. The food was good but it just wasn’t the same place at all. It looked the same outside but inside was all stark white walls and tiny tables squeezed in to fit as many as possible. I never went back. I prefer to remember it the way it was.

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