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Who Is Big Brother?

Remember in George Orwell’s 1984 how Big Brother watched and listened to everyone through their mandatory TV sets? There were cameras and audio recording devices set up everywhere poor Winston went. He hid in a cubbyhole to write in his journal. In order to make love to his girlfriend, they had to take a train out to the boondocks, walk around for a long time, then hide behind bushes to get the deed done.


Orwell was prophetic in his imagination. There have been news articles written lately about how smart TVs and smart phones can listen in on your conversations. Even Kellyanne Conway told the media that microwaves could take pictures of you.


Our government isn’t putting recording devices on every street corner like in Winston’s Oceania. (Well, except for those cameras that take pictures of cars that speed or run stop signs. Okay, I guess they do have cameras on street corners.) But our government is also monitoring our activities in another way, a much more devious way. They’re enticing us to spy on each other.

police lyrics

We are recording each other constantly with our cell phones. We take pictures of each other. We record videos of each other. Each time there’s an altercation, we hold up our phone and hit that green record button.

And if spying on each other wasn’t enough… We are now spying on ourselves. We post on Facebook everything we’ve done, everything we’ve eaten, everything we’re feeling. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… you name it. We’re announcing to the world everywhere we’ve been and everything we’re doing.

Our phones even tell what location we are at and send it to social media sites. If the government ever wanted to figure out where you are and what you’re doing, it wouldn’t have to look any further than your Facebook page.

Welcome to 2017 where Big Brother isn’t some faceless, fictional character in a book. Big Brother is you.


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Till Beth

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Comments on: "Who Is Big Brother?" (8)

  1. Remember when Orwell’s fiction was just that, and you could put the book down and say, “Whew! So glad that’s not real life”? Yeah…

  2. So eerily true. Now I am questioning my TMI on FB!

  3. jeannenicholas said:

    Did you see the new movie trailer come out for Tom Hanks called The Circle

  4. jeannenicholas said:

    I watched your phone GPS marker go from the living room to the kitchen at 11:23 this morning. Did you eat the last donut? O.o

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