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Reasons Trump Won

I’ve spent a lot of time since Nov. 8th depressed. I have tried to figure out why a moron would be elected our president. I have read several books on the subject, watched all of Robert Reich’s videos, and talked to people who voted for him. Here are the reasons (not in any order) that I believe we now have an idiot as our Commander in Chief:

1) Many Republicans vote for their party regardless. They do it because their mammy and pappy did it. They’re too lazy to think, so they always vote Republican.

2) Racism. We are suffering blowback because a black man was just president. Think of politics as a pendulum. It swings one way, then the other. We got a black president, and marriage equality. Now, we are suffering the blowback. Racism also applies to every Other – that is not white.

3) Misogyny. No way do men (who are still in charge of almost all things) want a woman president. It’s another blowback. See above.

4) Money. They are under the mistaken impression that they won’t have to pay so much in taxes with a Republican president. They’re wrong, but they don’t know that. Yet.

5) Money. They think Don the Con will bring their jobs back. Again, they’re wrong, but they don’t know that.

6) Abortion. We are still suffering blowback from a law that’s 43-years-old. They think they can change this law. They can’t. They lost that battle a long time ago. But it’s a GOP war cry, and they still believe it.

7) Donald Trump is a reality TV star (note the present tense). And as the old saying in Hollywood goes: “All publicity is good publicity.” And he got plenty of publicity. They think it was all good fun to elect him to the highest office in the land. They really think he’s going to point his tiny finger at somebody and say “You’re fired.” It’s not unusual for the general population to elect a celebrity to an office they are totally unqualified for. (Remember Reagan?) They saw his face weekly on their boob tube and liked his show. His name drew ratings. He was elected because he was familiar and funny to watch.

The media was responsible for a large portion of this.

The only thing this new reality show, “President Apprentice,” is lacking is a laugh track.

8) The Russians did it. I firmly believe Trump would not have won without help from the Russians. And it goes deep. Way deep. Past Don the Con, past Pence and Ryan. We’re going to find out that Putin is pulling the strings on most Republicans. And it’s been happening for a long time.

9) Republicans cornered the Christian market. People now equate Republicans with Christianity. They think Democrats are godless. This belief has been fifty years in the making.

What conservative Christians don’t seem to realize is that they always lose. Throughout history, they have always lost. In the long run. They lost over the abortion issue, over putting the ten commandments inside public school buildings, over allowing women in the military, over marriage equality… Yes, we have a long way to go before winning entirely. But we will get there.

But first, we need to understand the mind of the Republican. The don’t want healthcare for the masses. Or food stamps. Or a living wage. They want the Wild West times. Vigilante justice and every man for himself. Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. If you are an Other, handicapped, sick, or a woman, you are dispensable. Sad!

The only way to get  through to these people is to hit their pocketbooks. Then we could turn enough people win this war.

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Comments on: "Reasons Trump Won" (15)

  1. Either we’re twins separated at birth, or you’re reading my mind. I’ve said every one of these things at least once since last November. We will get past this – and I refuse to let MY country be ruined by these lying, greedy, soul-less bastards.

  2. Plus, they all watch FOX news and/or listen to right-wing radio and FB/Twitter. Thus, they don’t get the entire facts, truth and are continually reinforced in their beliefs. And, yes, many are simply scared their white-privileged past is eroding. Good blog!

  3. canuckeh said:

    I’m not even American and I agree with all of your points. Great summary of the disaster that is he who shall not be named’s administration. It’s a diaaster, a con and the Republicans are putting the world at risk allowing this man-child to continue leading your country.

  4. You left out patriotism. Republicans cornered the market on the mindless patriotism espoused by the hordes chanting “USA! USA!” You can only be a patriot if you are a Christian conservative, according to all of them. That may, of course, have something to do with Fox News.

    On the plus side, quite a few Republicans liked what Sanders had to say, especially about health care. He still draws big crowds in red states.

  5. jeannenicholas said:

    Im so with you on this. All of it. But you forgot also the whole issue of not voting. “I’m just not going to vote.” This one pisses me off more than anything.

  6. Enjoyed and chuckled at your choice of words…great post! I can’t travel to another country (was just in Jamaica) without feeling like our country is a laughing stock. Like LOL all the time watching the Dump struggle to talk. Plus…what grown adult describes everything with lame descriptors …amazing; great; best…shut UP!

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