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In the Closet

Saxon and I recently went back in the closet. Wait, it’s not what you think! We have never been in the closet in that way. I meant that we are literally in our closet.

Why are we in our closet? Because it’s our new sound studio. Our publishing company, Square Pegs Ink, has branched out to audiobooks! (pause for applause)

After months of study, Saxon and I bought everything we needed to produce our own audiobooks. From the mike to the shockmount to the mastering program… All that moolah adds up. We didn’t have enough of a budget left over to construct a soundproof studio space. So, we made do with the next best thing: our closet. (And actually, the sound we get from our closet is as good as, if not better, than an expensive studio.)

To be fair, the closet is a really nice one. It’s a walk-in so there’s ample space. And by ample, I mean that we have to mount the mike on the ironing board and sit near my pile of shoes. But hey, Stephen King started out by writing in his cramped laundry room.

The worst part is that the closet gets really hot in the summer. Streams of sweat run off our bodies as we narrate and master. It takes us at least an hour of work to get 10 minutes of narration. And it’s like we are in a sauna the entire time. We peel off clothes as we go. By the time we’re done for the day, neither one of us is wearing pants!

Losing weight would be a great side effect of producing audiobooks, but that hasn’t happened yet. Oh, well…We all suffer for our art, right? The good news is that Big Love is now an audiobook and Tats is in production and will be released within the next month. Next will be Tats Too followed by Love Over Moon Street.

After that, who knows? Maybe we will build an actual studio!

Or not…


Now an audiobook at Audible!

Comments on: "In the Closet" (18)

  1. Sarah Kerry said:

    AWESOME! I love audiobooks. Can’t wait to give yours a listen.

  2. Joan Timberlake said:

    Bless you dears for doing these!!!! Back in the day when I was agenting so many people with blindness and low vision were so desperate for LGTB books. You guys are the best!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. So awesome…I have done some recordings, but none so professional as you describe!

  4. Just as I think your awesomeness can’t get any better – ya’ll get more awesome!

  5. That’s fantastic.
    Any reason why you haven’t added it as an option (I think it’s called whispersync) to thee books as well?

  6. Anne Hagan said:

    This is one case where I’m glad to hear someone went into the closet! Good luck with your audiobook venture.

  7. Two sweaty, word-lusty, pants-less lesbians in a hot closet in Oklahoma .. maybe you ought to add video to that .. good luck you amazing women!

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