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My Promise

I’ve kept my mouth shut way too long. I need to speak up. When I was voting for Hillary – my god! what a proud moment that was – I look over to my right and see a woman sitting next to me at the table. We had these cardboard partitions sitting on the table top, supposedly to keep us from seeing each other’s ballot. They were only a pretense at privacy because I could see her ballot plain as day.

Standing behind the woman was a man. Her husband or her boyfriend or whatever. She was sitting in her chair, looking at her ballot, and this man was standing close, like really really close, like pushing his crotch into her shoulder in some type of aggressive male dominance thing. He reached over her shoulder and tapped the little box that had trump’s name next to it.

Her pencil hovered over the box, not moving, and the man pumped his pelvis, his crotch, his dick, into her shoulder and tapped the box again.

She filled in the box.

He patted her shoulder like she was a good dog.

Then they got up and left.

I was astounded. That man had just forced his wife to vote for trump. And nobody said a word. Not even me.

So here’s what I’m promising: I won’t stay quiet any longer. Next time I see a man poke his dick into a woman and tell her who to vote for or what to do, I’m gonna cut that appendage off and throw it across room into the waste basket. Nothing but net!

Okay, maybe I won’t cut off his dick. But I will speak up. I will raise my voice. I will point out injustices that men commit against women as I see them.

This blog is my promise to do that.

Me, too. Me, too. Me, too. Me, too.


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Comments on: "My Promise" (4)

  1. Amen to that Sista! I vote by mail so I don’t see that shit happen, but I will say since I do more research on the local politics my wife will ask…who should I vote for….LOL!

  2. Reblogged this on Auntwheezie's Blog and commented:
    I wonder how many other woman had their vote taken away from them by someone like this?

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